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What Makes Our Products So Unique?

Get the nutrients you need with our complete blend of North American Yellow Pea and Brown Rice Protein Concentrates that includes all 9 Essential Amino Acids

Carbohydrates are a crucial part of your daily nutrition. Promote a heart-healthy diet and improve your metabolism with Nutrim-OB, an Oat Bran Powder that provides essential Oat ß-glucans.

Healthy Fats are essential. Medium Chain Triglycerides sourced from Coconut may help support healthy skin and improve brain function.

Improve your digestion with Aminogen, a patented blend of Digestive Enzymes which can help the body digest and absorb protein more efficiently in the gut. *clinically tested

Improve your nutrient absorption with our essential blend of Papain, Lipase, and other Digestive Enzymes that helps to breakdown food more efficiently

Hydration is also needed in the gut.

Contains an effective dose of Magnesium to help hydrate the walls of the stomach which may provide regularity and facilitate the absorption of nutrients

Strengthen your gut with our Probiotic Blend.

Contains Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and other essential Probiotics that may prevent the growth of harmful bacteria by providing beneficial bacteria to your microbiome.

Glowing Greens

A powerful blend of fruits and vegetables. Contains blueberries, black currant, spinach, cauliflower and more to help provide essential vitamins and minerals which can promote immunity and gut health.

Improve bowel regularity with an effective blend of insoluble fiber including Organic Flax Seed which can help move food through your digestive system.

Contains a potent Antioxidant, Green Tea Leaf Extract, which can help reduce oxidative stress in your body while also providing a small dose of caffeine to promote mental alertness and attention


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