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Meet Our CEO

Cambrie Schroder is an actress, model, and aspiring professional boxer, which lead her to be beauty, weight, and health conscious from an early age.

Unfortunately, like many of us, Cambrie didn’t have the proper knowledge or guidance and fell into unhealthy, obsessive, unsustainable ways of eating and working out. She was determined to learn, and find a better way.

“I didn't have a positive influence to look up to growing up, so I fought to become one and not succumb to the influences of Hollywood. I created Fit With Cambrie to be an outlet for not only myself, but for girls all over the world who are starving for substance and healthy change in their lives.”

Our Mission:

To Inspire Women to be the Best Version of Themselves in the Most Enjoyable, Tasty and Sustainable Way!

Through her journey of working with the top nutritionists, doctors, sports scientists, and therapists, she developed Fit with Cambrie supplements and fitness guides, where the focus was delicious, clean, quality, result driven products that could support women looking to start their health journey in the most sustainable and enjoyable way.

“I started by selling one protein powder at a time, training one girl at a time for ten years until ‘Fit With Cambrie’ grew into the community it is today, changing girls’ minds and bodies all over the world.”

Cambrie really is that light, guidance, and support for hundreds of thousands girls around the world looking to become their best selves in an enjoyable, sustainable and truly healthy way! Thanks to her, women’s bodies, health, and mindsets have drastically improved all over the world.


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