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Glowing Greens, the daily nutrients that transformed model, actress, and wellness inspiration, Cambrie Schroder’s health.

Discover how a surplus of convenient nutrients could be a simple solution to feeling and looking your best.

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Cambrie credits her hair health, radiant skin, consistent energy levels, and strong immunity to her 1 scoop of daily Glowing Greens.

Most women are busy and on the go with school, family, work, and other commitments that make it challenging to consume a sufficient amount of fresh produce daily

Glowing Greens, was designed by Cambrie to support women in just that. She believes that “we get the most out of our lives and can accomplish all our goals when we physically feel our best and have the energy levels to support it.”

1 scoop has 30 of the most nutrient dense fruits and vegetables.

With her board of certified doctors and experts, Cambrie formulated a potent, absorbable and result driven formula that would improve the quality of life of every woman. 

Glowing Greens contains…

Antioxidant rich fruits such as blueberries, acai, pomegranate, raspberry, and cranberries to combat free radicals so that our skin can have the nutrients to glow and recover from acne scars or sun damage. 

160mg of vitamin C
to support immune health so we can feel our best all year round and have resilient and highly performing bodies.     

Dark leafy greens such as spirulina, broccoli, kale, spinach and parsley filled with vitamin K to support hair and nail growth. 

Glow from the inside.

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We aren't what we eat, we are what we can absorb.

Through her journey Cambrie learned the importance of gut health and how our bodies can only use what we can properly absorb.

That’s why she was persistent in finding a way to include a flaxseed fiber and digestive enzyme blend into the Glowing Greens formula to optimize nutrient absorption.

Because of this essential component, results are nearly instantaneous.

60mg of caffeine without the crash or dehydration

Green tea is one of Cambrie’s favorite nutrients for long lasting energy and to even boost her metabolism.

It’s the perfect ingredient to support longevity within a day and completes the mission of Glowing Greens: convenient nutrients to help every woman look and feel her best all year long.

Created by Model and “Wellness Girl” Cambrie Schroder

Celebrated by women of all walks of life worldwide, Glowing Greens was made by Cambrie Shroder as a solution to her own problems. As a wellness advocate Cambrie is passionate about empowering the small steps towards wellness.

Cambrie is a great believer in women ‘doing the work’ to become their best self, whether in their fitness, careers, or their personal lives.

With Glowing Greens special blend of nutrient dense fruits and vegetables women get the nourishment they need that will help them achieve their wellness goals and become the best versions of themselves.

Glow from the inside.

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Gut friendly and tastes like cake batter


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A protein that can be used everyday even on the days you don’t workout


Glow from the inside.

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