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Zoom Chocolate Protein Plus

Chocolate Protein Plus

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The perfect protein source to add into your everday nutrition regardless if you workout or not. Our protein is designed for the working, or studying, or traveling, or training, or mom, or for the girl that just wants to feel her best. 

  • 17g of protein
  • Gut friendly & bulk free
  • 100%  plant based protein
  • Healthy balance of carbs, fats, and fiber
  • Oat bran powder for digestive ease
  • Zero artificial flavors or sweeteners

Our expertly selected blend of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and fiber delivers well-rounded nutrition, ensuring your body receives all the vital nutrients in an easy to digest way.

The high quality flavor profile in our formula makes our protein enjoyable and delicious everyday of your journey.

Overcome the limitations of plant-based protein absorption with the help of Aminogen®, a potent enzyme-based dietary supplement. Aminogen® efficiently breaks down protein chains into smaller, easily absorbable molecules, ensuring that you derive the maximum benefits from every protein-packed scoop.†

1. For breakfast, not only in smoothies but pancakes & waffles
2. Days I do workout I'll have it pre or post workout mixed with water
3. Added into my favorite dessert recipes to make it a complete snack

I have to scoops everyday regardless if I workout or not. The more I have it... the more I can't live without it!


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