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Megan, 17

"I was so unhappy with myself, couldn’t figure out how to eat and found myself in an unhealthy binge cycle. I was at my lowest and didn’t know what to do. A few months later, I found Cambrie! I started doing private training with her once a week, and following her meal plan. Cambrie made working out and eating well fun, and I actually looked forward to It! The results I have seen in my body are unreal. I feel like a different person and am for once actually happy with myself.”

Baskin, 22

"Cambrie’s 1 week detox plan got my body right where it needed to be to take my modeling digitals. I feel confident and healthy!”

Tami, 23

“I’m vegan and this plan worked great for me! Within four weeks my body completely changed while following her life style plan and working out daily! I could not be happier for my permanent change!”

Tatum, 19

“I was fit but wanted to be even fitter! I learned how to eat and workout to be long and lean! I feel so strong and motivated to keep going!”


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